You Know Who We Are
We are undertaking consultancy in all sections of the Drug Department and other allied regulatory bodies such as Customs, Directorate of Foreign Trade, National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority, Ministry of Industry & Commerce, Department of Science & Technology-Ministry of Science & Technology, FSSAI-Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Review Committee on Genetic Manipulation
              – Department of Biotechnology, Animal Husbandry and Sanitary Permission – 
Ministry of Agriculture, and others. We are working for varied Manufacturers, Importers and MNCs for clinical trial permissions, import permits coupled with DGFT permissions for exports and products Registration. We are guiding many companies in preparing dossiers, in preparing the application and other documents and in preparing reply to departmental notices. We attempt to nurture & exploit the maximum possibilities of the law relating to the same. We generally look at the drug regulatory from the angle of custom laws' to avoid future complexity. We believe in working professionally & ethically with sound knowledge on the subject matter. We believe that the task only get completed when tabled perfectly. We are a professional company which has good infrastructure and a large number of working force. Therefore we are regarded as a group who do things differently & make us feel very satisfied.